Our Government Surveillance and GCSB Policy


The Civilian Party has released its policy on Government Surveillance and the GCSB: A Civilian Government will cease any mass surveillance that may or may not be taking place on New Zealanders, as we will be unable to understand or operate the infrastructure. As evidence of our inability to use technology, we are today declassifying …

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Annual General Meeting 2014


People of New Zealand, we have an announcement to make; one that you could have already learned about two days prior had you read the back page of the news, or if you are that sort of person who reads the Electoral Commission website on a daily basis because you’re just so passionate about voting. …

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The Civilian Party on Q&A


On Sunday, Civilian Party leader Ben Uffindell sat down with Susan Wood on Q&A to discuss referenda, working with Winston Peters, and whether former National Party leader Don Brash is allowed to join the party. Click here to watch the full interview.

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The Civilian Party on The Nation


This morning, leader of the Civilian Party, Ben Uffindell, was interviewed by Patrick Gower on TV3′s The Nation, where he laid out the party’s plans for tax reform, ice-cream and promised a llama for every poor child. You can watch the full interview by clicking here, as well as view some of the extremely positive …

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Welcome to the Civilian Party


Nation, the Civilian Party of New Zealand is now live. On this day, four hundred years ago, our ancestors first came to these shores from America. At that time, they saw ahead of them a better and more prosperous life in New Zealand. They did not see the dark clouds of uncertainty and despondency that …

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